Great Western strives to be the community partner of choice as we develop oil and natural gas in a sustainable, innovative way.

Great Western is focused on low-risk development opportunities in oil/liquids-rich zones in the well-established DJ Basin. Combined with the most rigorous regulatory standards, we believe that through our core values of Stewardship, Teamwork, Excellence, People, Growth and Resiliency, we represent the gold standard of oil and gas production in our nation and in the world.

We have established a proven business model based on a three-pronged strategy:

  • Continued growth from our existing multi-year inventory and exploring opportunities to expand our position in the core of the DJ Basin
  • Establishing a diverse and experienced team, from our governing board, our leadership, and every angle of our Denver and Longmont operations
  • A proven commitment to environmental and social investments that ensures our core values are reflected in every aspect of our strategy and operations

Our success is founded in our network of influential relationships, our presence in Colorado paired with a deep local knowledge, and our strength in technical and financial capabilities. As we expand our growth plans by extending our core areas, we are following proven strategic fundamentals. We seek a lower risk, multi-faceted value creation proposition through operational efficiency improvements and enhanced recovery potential.

Our commitment to Colorado’s local communities and the environment in which we all live and work is demonstrated in our investment in key areas of innovation that drastically increases our efficiencies and lessens our impacts on the environment. We are proud to implement these practices and technologies that results in energy that is produced under the most stringent environmental standards in the United States.

For example:

  • Since 2015, Great Western reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 48% per barrel of oil produced. This has been achieved through increased pipeline connectivity, joint efforts with counter parties, and on-site technological enhancements.
  • These innovations have all led to the accomplishment of Great Western eliminating 44,086 truck trips during the production of nearly nine million barrels of oil equivalent. Not only does this reduce emissions, it significantly lessens wear, tear and repair on local roads, reduces traffic and noise, and is a major improvement to safety in our communities.
  • Great Western leverages a dual-crew strategy on our sites that allows oil and natural gas to be extracted quickly with fewer disturbances. This has increased our efficiencies in drilling and completions and allowed us in some instances to cut in half our active time on a location and increases cash on cash cycle times.

As we grow, we look forward to leveraging our well-established relationships, the extensive Broe Group business network, and the reputation, knowledge and leadership of our board of directors. Our management team and board both share these commitments and direct our company’s business plan and policies in a way that reflects our values in every angle of our operations