Statement Regarding Firestone, CO Incident

We at GWOG are deeply saddened to hear about the terrible incident near Firestone, Colorado. Our hearts go out to those affected and their families.

No conclusive cause for the explosion has been determined. Information is still being collected and there are many unanswered questions remaining. GW annually tests all our flowlines as required by the COGCC. Our flowline integrity program was recently inspected by the COGCC and GW passed all tests. While we are confident our operations do not present a danger to the public, we are proactively taking the necessary steps to ensure the public that our facilities continue to be safe. Even though an oil and gas well flowline has not been determined to be the cause of the Firestone incident, in an abundance of caution, GW has inventoried all well gas lines within approximately 250-feet of occupied buildings and identified 61 gas lines within that distance.  All 61 of these wells are presently being shut-in, and this will be completed by 1:00pm today (04/27/17).  Testing with air pressure will be completed on all 61 lines, and wells will only be brought back into service after passing the pressure test.

The safety of our friends, family, neighbors, and employees in the areas we operate is our number one priority at all times.