Great Western is excited to welcome the opening of its very first GREEN platinum facility, the Ivey Pad in Adams County. Starting in November 2020, the Ivey Pad will operate as Great Western’s model of excellence, emphasizing how natural gas and oil operations should be executed as the industry continues to innovate to a more sustainable and accountable future.

The Ivey Pad is moving into the forth phase of operations: Completions. As the time-lapse video shows below, completion operations move fast. Watch to learn how  production takes place behind the walls as we work diligently to produce energy in safe and responsible ways to improve people’s lives.

Ivey is Platinum

Great Western’s Ivey Pad has been deemed a platinum facility through its GREEN Initiative, an integrated process for managing our field locations that highlight areas of sustainability. The GREEN – Globally Reduced Emissions and Extraction Network – Initiative will ensure Great Western locations are reducing emissions and emphasize the need for further reducing truck traffic by increasing pipe movement to have the most up-to-date facilities. Read more about Great Western’s GREEN Initiative in our blog.


The project schedule of the Ivey Pad is based on the schedule today. With every drilling site, the schedule is subject to change.

Great Western’s Colorado Pollinator Project

Great Western has partnered with the Butterfly Pavilion, a nonprofit invertebrate zoo and conservation leader, to launch the Colorado Pollinator Project, an environmental restoration at the Ivey Pad. The surrounding land at the project site was once a native prairie nearly 100 years ago. The goal of the Colorado Pollinator Project, in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion is to create greater biodiversity and transform the project site into a thriving, short-grass prairie once again. This process will include attracting more pollinators, more plant species and more bird diversity to the surrounding land, as well as reestablish habitat connectivity and wildlife movement. Surveys on the different species of plants and animals are conducted from the beginning of the project and throughout its duration to monitor the restoration process and see measurable increases in vegetation and various animal species. The restoration project is estimated to last a minimum of three years. As part of Great Western’s dedication to environmental sustainability, the Colorado Pollinator Project further drives our goal of producing the cleanest natural resources in our state and country.

The Challenge Foundation

Photo courtesy of The Challenge Foundation.

The Ivey Pad continues to support communities in Colorado in a variety of ways. In addition to Great Western’s partnership with several nonprofits in Adams County, one of the mineral owners for the Ivey location plans to donate funds to a local foundation to help smart, ambitious and hard-working students break the poverty cycle through educational opportunities.

Barry Talley and Don McFall have been business partners for decades and own land that will benefit from mineral payments from the Ivey location. Don started The Challenge Foundation in Denver 22 years ago to provide a new approach to breaking the cycle of poverty. He has donated 100% of his partnership of the mineral interest in the Ivey project to the Foundation. Barry has been involved with the foundation for more than 22 years and has been a very generous donor since its inception.

“I can’t tell you how much this will mean to the support of our mission of changing children’s lives and would be so impactful during these very difficult times,” said McFall.

Understanding that academically strong, economically disadvantaged children may have no other means to achieve their dreams, the Challenge Foundation enrolls promising candidates in an intensive multi-year program of academic preparation and character building to ensure college graduation. As part of our Stewardship value, Great Western employees are looking forward to a time when they can safely participate in volunteerism and mentorship opportunities at the school to provide their hands-on support to the Challenge Foundation’s efforts.

For more information or to make a donation to The Challenge foundation,

Background and Best Management Practices

While the development of the Ivey Pad has been long-awaited, Great Western’s efforts to exceed expectations for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), address local concerns, and operate transparently with local regulators and elected officials, have proven exceptional accountability and value to the oil and gas industry, allowing plans for the Ivey Pad to move forward.

The site of excellence will be achieved through proactive environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives, as well as adhering to Great Western’s stewardship values.  This will allow the Ivey Pad to exceed expectations and industry standards as a leader in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Great Western has committed to or completed the following at the Ivey Pad:

  • Installed a turn lane at no cost to the county or state to ensure the safety of the community and comply with permit requirements.
  • Held quarterly townhall meetings since May 29, 2019 welcoming questions and conversation. To keep the community informed, and comply with the permit requirements, Great Western has held quarterly townhall meetings since May 2019. Great Western has gone to great lengths to have meaningful dialog, resources, and subject matter experts regarding all aspects of this project at these townhall meetings.
  • Averaged 425 EHS inspections across 112 sites in 2019 and the Ivey location will receive the same environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practices as part of Great Western’s EHS practices.
  • Submitted a sundry to the Ivey Pad Form 2A with best management practices for this location, which include continuous air monitoring, enhanced noise and odor mitigation, enhanced dust mitigation, emergency shutdown capabilities, and leak mitigation and prevention.
  • Addressed community concerns and worked diligently with the COGCC on questions related to the public comments and inquiries about this project as part of Great Western’s best management practices and conditions of approval.
  • Creates a safer and more sustainable environment by decreasing emissions and creating a cleaner community through reduced truck traffic and utilizing pipelines to transport products and materials.

Great Western is dedicated to transparency and committed to implementing mitigation measures that ensure the public’s health, safety and welfare, as well as the protection of environment and wildlife. Click on the sheets below to learn more about those mitigation measures.

Air Emissions Monitoring

Great Western is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and transparently operating in the community. As such, we worked with the COGCC to provide air emissions monitoring at the Ivey LC facility. Sensors are located along the perimeter of the facility. Sensors measure total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). VOCs are a class of many carbon-containing chemicals, including alcohols, that easily evaporate into the air. The goal of this monitoring is to improve the understanding of the compounds being measured and provide early detection of potential fugitive emissions from the facility.

Initial Report

This report includes analysis of the monitoring data from Jan. 12 – Feb. 25, 2021. The data did not show any values above the investigation thresholds set by the monitoring plan nor did any exceed established Health Guideline Values. This report can be found here.

Updated Reports

These reports include analysis of the monitoring data from Feb. 26, 2021 through May 31, 2021. The data in these reports do not show any values above the investigation thresholds set by the monitoring plan nor did any exceed established Health Guideline Values.

The reports can be found here:

Employee Testimonial

The commencement of the Ivey Pad is a great achievement for those who have been involved over the last few years. Mineral landman Jason Lowrey can attest to the excitement of Ivey Pad finally coming to fruition:

“Since I started on this project in 2018, the Ivey Pad has been an interesting journey with accomplishments and grassroot development. There’s been tremendous support for the development of Ivey throughout the process, which has been evident in the amount of lease inquiries we’ve received from prospective mineral and royalty owners.

“The Ivey Pad really goes above and beyond traditional site development. It’s rewarding to see Ivey finally receive the green light from the COGCC to move forward because Great Western meets and exceeds many best management practices and we’re actively cognizant of the immediate community in our site planning.

“It’s even more gratifying to receive recognition on our ability to surpass new standards set by the COGCC, and we were able to do that by ensuring we implement various best management practices. We reduced the well count and analyzed traffic routes, school zones and the calendar timing of the project to alleviate public and parental concerns. In addition, we made it possible to reduce disturbance times by spending less time at the pad. We’re really excited these accomplishments were recognized and supported by approving Ivey’s development. I’m personally excited to see the Ivey Pad flourish and its impact on the oil and gas industry.”

 – Jason Lowrey, senior mineral landman

To learn more about the approval process and the development of the Ivey Pad, download this PDF with project details that were previously submitted to the COGCC.

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