Ivey Pad Brings Excellence to Oil and Gas Industry in Adams County

December 2020—DENVER, CO

Great Western is excited to welcome the start of operations at its very first Platinum GREEN facility, the Ivey Pad in Adams County.

“The permits granted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) marks a significant success for Great Western and the Ivey Pad,” said Susan Fakharzadeh, VP of corporate communications and government affairs at Great Western. “As a Platinum GREEN facility, the Ivey Pad will operate efficiently and as an operator of choice in Adams County. With this location, Great Western is setting the standard of excellence for which we hope our future sites will operate, and we hope that this location also sets the standard for natural gas and oil operations in the state and the industry as a whole.”

While the operation of the Ivey Pad has been long-awaited, Great Western’s efforts to exceed expectations for the COGCC, address local concerns, and operate transparently with local regulators and elected officials, have proven exceptional accountability and allowed for the Ivey Pad to move forward.

“It’s gratifying to receive recognition for our ability to surpass new standards set by the COGCC, and we were able to do that implementing various best management practices (BMPs) and distinguished criteria set within Great Western’s new GREEN Initiative,” said Jason Lowrey, Great Western mineral landman. “We reduced the well count and analyzed traffic routes, school zones and the calendar timing of the project to alleviate public and parental concerns. In addition, we made it possible to reduce disturbance times by spending less time at the pad. We’re excited these accomplishments were recognized and supported by the COGCC in its approval of Ivey’s development.”

Since the completion of construction of the Ivey Pad in summer 2019, Great Western has continued to go above and beyond to ensure good faith collaboration with local communities, regulators and elected officials on the Ivey Pad as an operator of choice in Adams County and the state of Colorado.

The Ivey Pad will operate as Great Western’s site of excellence. Ivey will set the example of how natural gas and oil operations should be executed as the industry shifts and transforms over time.

The site of excellence will be achieved through proactive environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives, as well as adherence to Great Western’s stewardship values. Additionally, Great Western’s GREEN efforts and BMPs to identify and improve sustainable progress on-site will drive the Ivey Pad’s excellence further, demonstrating Great Western’s determination to exceed expectations as a leader in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Great Western has committed to or completed the following for the Ivey Pad:

  • Installed a turn lane at no cost to the country or state to ensure the safety of the community and comply with permit requirements.
  • Held quarterly townhall meetings since May 2019 welcoming questions and conversation. To keep the community informed, and comply with the permit requirements, Great Western has held quarterly townhall meetings since May 2019. Great Western has gone to great lengths to have meaningful dialogue, resources, and subject matter experts regarding all aspects of this project at these townhall meetings.
  • Averaged 425 EHS inspections across 112 sites in 2019 and the Ivey location will receive the same environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practices as part of Great Western’s EHS practices.
  • Submitted a sundry to the Ivey Pad Form 2A with best management practices for this location, which include continuous air monitoring, enhanced noise and odor mitigation, enhanced dust mitigation, emergency shutdown capabilities, and leak mitigation and prevention.
  • Addressed community concerns and worked diligently with the COGCC on questions related to the public comments and inquiries about this project as part of Great Western’s best management practices and conditions of approval. 
  • Creates a safer and more sustainable environment by decreasing emissions and creating a cleaner community through reduced truck traffic and utilizing pipelines to transport products and materials.
  • Served more than 45,000 meals in partnership with food banks across the state; and Great Western employees spent more than 500 hours volunteering with the 53 nonprofit and community organizations.

The Ivey Pad will bring jobs, environmental restoration and economic benefits to our community at a critical time. Mineral and royalty owners will reap the financial benefits from a pad that is in alignment with future industry standards as well as even higher standards Great Western continues to set. Another benefit of the Ivey Pad is that it is estimated to produce energy to power approximately 75,476 homes for approximately 20 years.

In addition, Great Western has partnered with the Butterfly Pavilion, a nonprofit invertebrate zoo and conservation leader, to implement environmental restoration at the Ivey Pad. As part of Great Wester’s dedication to environmental sustainability, the Colorado Pollinator Project further drives our goal of producing the cleanest natural resources in our state and country. 

The Ivey Pad is much more than an oil and natural gas site, and Great Western is excited to share the positive impacts it will bring to Colorado.  

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Questions? To ensure transparency and open communication, Great Western has put together this FAQ sheet to answer your questions and concerns.