Great Western Launches the Colorado Pollinator Project in Adams County in Partnership with Butterfly Pavilion

December 2020—DENVER, CO

Great Western has partnered with Butterfly Pavilion, a nonprofit invertebrate zoo and conservation leader, to launch Great Western’s Colorado Pollinator Project, an environmental reclamation of the Ivey Pad, by transforming the land into a native prairie.

“This partnership magnified an opportunity to champion two of Great Western’s values, stewardship and growth by committing to environmental stewardship and sustainability in of Adams County,” said Susan Fakharzadeh, VP of corporate communications and government affairs at Great Western. “Great Western’s Colorado Pollinator Project, to our knowledge, is one of the first of its kind. As we work with the Butterfly Pavilion to reclaim this land for pollinators, we look forward to the sustainable effects of our commitments in action.”

The land surrounding the Ivey Pad was a native prairie nearly 100 years ago. The goal of Great Western’s Colorado Pollinator Project in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion is to create greater biodiversity, the variety of life in a habitat, and transform the project site into a thriving, short-grass prairie as it was 100 years ago. This process will include attracting more pollinators, such as native bees and butterflies, more plant species and more bird diversity to the surrounding land, as well as reestablishing habitat connectivity and wildlife movement.

“This area has significant promise for our conservation efforts to greatly impact the ecosystem in a sustainable way,” said Amy Yarger, director of horticulture at Butterfly Pavilion. “We’re excited to start this journey with Great Western and guide this project to support our mission in invertebrate conservation.”

The Butterfly Pavilion exists to foster an appreciation of invertebrates by educating the public about the need to protect and care for threatened habitats globally, while conducting research for solutions in invertebrate conservation. As part of this work, Butterfly Pavilion Habitat Restoration provides consulting and expertise for organizations looking to reclaim habitat for invertebrate populations.

Butterfly Pavilion scientists have conducted surveys on the different species of plants and animals at the Ivey Pad to monitor the restoration process and see measurable increases in vegetation and various invertebrate animal species. This process will continue throughout the duration of the Ivey Pad to analyze the transformation of the open space. Overall, the restoration project, which started in March 2020, is estimated to last a minimum of three years for a completed restoration date in 2023.

As part of Great Western’s dedication to environmental sustainability, Great Western’s Colorado Pollinator Projects further drives its goal of producing the cleanest natural resources in our state and country. 

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