Great Western Introduces its GREEN Initiative to Identify and Improve Sustainability Progress

October, 2020—DENVER, CO

Great Western is serious about its commitment to environmental stewardship and is working to create a positive ecological impact by improving all areas of sustainability and its influence on the environment, economy, and society at its sites. As part of our environmental, health and safety (EHS) practices, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new initiative upholding our commitment and propelling our environmental efforts forward with our GREEN Initiative. GREEN – Globally Reduced Emissions and Extraction Network – is an integrated process for managing our field locations that highlight areas of sustainability.

Great Western has an important role in the environmental sustainability ecosystem. The GREEN Initiative will ensure our locations are low emissions and emphasize the need for further reducing truck traffic by increasing pipe movement to have the most up-to-date facilities.

Great Western’s facilities and pads will be evaluated and identified by:

  • Facilities engineered in conjunction with third-party networks to drastically reduce emissions and increase sustainability metrics
  • Low-emission, electric-assisted facilities
  • Take-away and pipeline programs to reduce traffic and load-off emissions
  • Twinning and quadri-frac completions strategies, and
  • Site-specific community engagement programs

Under GREEN, there are three levels of criteria for a location to meet before identifying as Silver, Gold or Platinum GREEN status.

  • Silver: Great Western locations with lower emissions, electric-assisted facility, continuous air-emissions monitoring and twin rig/quadri-frac completions technology to substantially reduce on-location activity time.
  • Gold: In addition to the elements named in the Silver level, a Gold facility features a holistic supply and transportation network that reduces emission from production, completions, all the way through transporting of resources off the facility through established pipelines, increasing safety and substantially reducing traffic and emissions typically associated with natural resource production.
  • Platinum: Platinum facilities exceed Silver and Gold status and additionally include site-specific community investment and engagement programs. Example: Great Western’s Ivey Pad collaborates with local educational non-profit The Butterfly Pavilion to develop species-specific horticulture plans that support thriving pollinator populations on the berms of our site that support the broader community.

The Great Western GREEN program was developed with the purpose of establishing communications, transparency, and sharing the innovations and technologies that go into making our sites compatible with the diverse areas of Colorado in which we operate. As we move forward, our projects will be identified through these tiers in order to help neighbors and stakeholders in the community understand the process of oil and gas production and share in the benefits of these innovative, community-forward programs.

Great Western is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the communities in which we work and live. Through these proactive EHS initiatives, and Great Western’s core values, Great Western continues to be a leader in the natural gas and oil industry, in the Denver-Julesberg Basin and across the state of Colorado.

Great Western is #CommittedtoColorado.