Core Values

At Great Western Petroleum, we are passionately committed to the environment, our community, our employees, our service providers, and our shareholders. The following core values help us uphold these commitments and stay on course toward our goals.

 | Stewardship

We commit to responsibly serve our community, protect the environment for generations to come, and lead the industry in safety.

 | Teamwork

We work together to learn from one another, strengthen each other’s individual contributions, and enhance the outcomes we deliver.

 | Excellence

We maintain the highest standards in quality, integrity, and accountability, allowing us not only to meet and exceed our goals, but also to earn the public’s trust.

  • By maintaining integrity and accountability, we strive to earn the trust of the public, our employees and vendors, and our neighbors.
  • We set high standards for ourselves in both quality and efficiency and work to surpass those standards.
  • Our agility and innovative spirit help us meet and exceed our goals.

 | People

We support, empower, and truly value our em­ployees because they are the foundation of our business.

  • We recognize our employees’ talents and skills and help them reach their potential through learning and development opportunities.
  • We create a supportive, motivating, and enriching work environment so that our employees enjoy coming to work every day.
  • We offer our employees great benefits and reward them with a competitive compensation package because we want to be the best place to work.

 | Growth

We focus on achieving significant, sustainable growth for our investors, which continuously challenges our employees to reach higher and achieve greater fulfillment in their careers.

  • All activity is strategically aligned to support the mission of balancing risk and potential to achieve responsible growth.
  • Success is maximized with the support of trusted relationships, industry networks, deep geographic knowledge, strong technical skills, and solid financials.
  • Long-term growth for investors in turn offers fulfilling careers for our employees.


We remain strong and united in the face of challenge and uncertainty, knowing we are committed to our industry for the long haul.