Great Western Alleviates Some School Pandemic Challenges at Windsor Charter Academy with Charitable Donation

DENVER—September 2020

Great Western put smiles on the face of students and teachers at Windsor Charter Academy with a charitable donation as the 2020-2021 school year kicked off. As the school year and educational requirements continually shifted to meet the health and safety needs of teachers and students, Great Western saw an opportunity to support the learning community in Weld County in its ongoing dedication to being #CommittedtoColorado.

This gift is an effort to help its teachers, students and staff navigate through the challenges of a new school year amid a looming pandemic through new technology, learning programs and remodeling efforts.

“We strive to help the nonprofits and schools in the communities we live and work. Our communities need us during this time, and Great Western is committed to being part of the post-COVID-19 recovery solution,” said Susan Fakharzadeh, vice president of corporate communications & government affairs for Great Western. “With the means, inspiration and support, we’re excited to bring safety, college prep access, and much needed space for continuing quality education and health safety for teachers and students at Windsor Charter Academy.”

Great Western’s donation was a gift to all schools at Windsor Charter Academy. The high school received funding for PREPWORKS, a college-preparedness program, that will help 300 students prepare for college entrance exams, such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT). The program guarantees improving student test scores of 200 to 300 SAT points and three to five ACT points, increasing the likelihood of college acceptance and success.

The academy is in the process of revitalizing an outdoor area that has been deteriorating from drainage problems outside the middle school building. This donation will help the installation of new concrete to replace the damaged grassy area. The final product, anticipated to be completed mid-October, will have space for outdoor seating to support safety and social distancing efforts.

The elementary school received new microphone headsets for 38 teachers to help alleviate hearing problems for students, especially those near the back of the class, caused by wearing masks.

“Due to COVID-19, our teachers are required to wear masks all day and only use face shields while conducting a phonics lesson,” said Kelly Seilbach, director of elementary school education at Windsor Charter Academy. “During the first week of school, we quickly realized that many teachers were losing their voice! Microphones suddenly became an important need for instruction, and ultimately, a game-changer for the quality of education for our students overall.”

Together, we’re making a difference in the day-to-day activities for students and teachers.

“I am so grateful for this device,” said Lindsay Nolting, first grade teacher at Windsor Charter Academy. “By the end of the day, my voice is much less strained. My students love that I look ‘so official’ now with my new microphone!”

“We are grateful for Great Western Petroleum’s generous donation, which has already provided an immediate and direct benefit to our teachers and students,” Seilbach added.

Windsor Charter Academy looks forward to updating Great Western with progress from their school year. We hope the future brings many more opportunities for Great Western to support and make an impact just like this.

Amy Voit, Field Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator Featured in Employee Spotlight

DENVER—September 2020

At Great Western, we’re dedicated to an inclusive culture that’s employee-centered and supportive. To better expand and demonstrate our core values, we’re excited to share a new, robust series of employee profiles! Whether it’s Stewardship, Teamwork, Excellence, People, Growth or Resilience, each of our core values helps us uphold our commitments and achieve greatness, and all of our efforts at Great Western begin with one in particular:  People.

We’re showcasing what it means to work for Great Western, and the work that goes into our mission to produce energy in a safe and responsible way to improve people’s lives.

As we continue to pursue our environmental goals, Amy Voit, the field EHS coordinator for air quality, pushes us one step closer to achieving a better partnership between environmentalists and the energy industry. Watch her profile to learn how she’s moving us toward a better future. Great Western is #CommittedToPeople